Welcome to the Valley of the Kings, Egypt. Your expedition has found an intact tomb, nobody has stepped on those ruins before you. Inside there are lots of priceless relics and as archaeologists, your mission is to discover the mysteries that the ancient pharaohs hid among their wonders. But beware, thieves and smugglers are also behind these artifacts, and they will not make it easy for you. Will you be able to overcome the traps and obstacles that you will encounter on your way?

Prepare your exploration skills because you will need them. Will you get out of Egypt in one piece? NOTE: to complete a booking only a 25 € deposit is needed, while indicating approximately the number of people you will be. On the day of your booking, after the session you should pay the difference (in cash or by card).

4 people

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5 people

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6 people

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From 7 to 18 people

  • Price per person Last minute bookings

The calendar automatically blocks a sessions 6 hours before it starts. In order to do last minute bookings, please contact us through our telephone (+34 648 57 41 62) and we will be happy to help you.
The Valley of Kings

We are in Egypt, specifically in the well-known Valley of the Kings. Among the mysteries and ruins your expedition is currently devoted to investigate this place. In particular, the remains and ancient tombs, as you are expert archaeologists in ancient relics.

Your mission? Discover among the treasures of Egypt those who want to take advantage of the wonders of the ancient pharaohs. Will you achieve the objective in one piece?

Expedición zero - La investigación
Expedición Zero - Las ruinas
Also for big groups

Expedition Zero is an escape room experience somewhat different than usual. It is not a conventional escape room, but rather a game designed specifically so large groups can also play (groups from 4 to 18 people).

In this case, the objective is not to escape, but to find the lost relics of the Valley of the Kings. For this, we have a large room in our premises where groups of up to 18 people can play all together at the same time, and even compete against each other.

This game has a greater difficulty than others, while the immersion is total thanks to the decoration that surrounds the game. Will you be able to work as a team and become first class archaeologists in our Expedition Zero?

Suitable for all audiences

Like in our other game, Expedition Zero is prepared for large groups. So prepare a great birthday surprise, because mystery and fun are guaranteed.

In addition, these types of events are perfect to work on the team-building of companies. So do not miss the opportunity to test your teamwork skills.

Book your session in Expedition Zero now!

Expedición zero - El viaje

Escape without a scratch

Go to rest with the mummies


Conundroom is an escape room in Barcelona of intermediate difficulty, which will hook you from the very first minute, making you enjoy every single second solving its puzzles.

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