Get ready to live an adventure that will take you to your limits. Your expedition has found the remains of what appears to be ancient Babylon… And its majestic Tower of Babel! When you get there, you hear some whispers talking about a prophecy, full of powers and treasures. How can you resist this temptation?

Compete with your friends to get the plans of this tower lost among myths. Will you succeed in ending this cursed construction before the wrath of God falls on you?

NOTE: in order to do the booking, you must access the Spanish version of this page by clicking on the link below. There, you only need to select the date, time and number of people and then, you can procced to the cart and payment of the session.

NOTE2: to complete a booking only a 25 € deposit is needed, while indicating approximately the number of people you will be. On the day of your booking, after the session you will have to pay the difference (in cash or by card).

NOTE3: for anniversaries or other kinds of celebrations, it is possible to organize snacks or dinners at the bar next door. Please contact us at +34 652 642 578 to have more information.

Go to the Spanish version of this page to complete the booking of your session.

From 6 to 10 people

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From 11 to 15 people

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From 16 to 20 people

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Last minute bookings

The calendar automatically blocks a sessions 6 hours before it starts. In order to do last minute bookings, please contact us through our telephone (+34 652 642 578) and we will be happy to help you.



easy level

The expedition

You are a group of courageous explorers who have followed the call of adventure and have reached the exotic lands of Babylon. Who could imagine what you would find there… The remains of the mythological Tower of Babel!

Thrilled by your discovery, you find some plans. Instructions to finish the wonder. But out of nowhere appears a mysterious man who warns you suddenly, darkness surrounds everything. What have you done?

Composición 'La torre de Babel'
Composición 'La torre de Babel'
Escape experience

The Tower of Babel is an escape experience. It is not exactly an escape room, but rather an escape game that is designed for big groups (from 6 to 20 people) and can also be transported from one place to another.

In this experience, you can compete with your friends trying to complete the construction of the Tower of Babel before the rest. Will you be able to work as a team to complete your task?

Suitable for all audiences

This experience is suitable for all ages and public, as its difficulty is not a problem. So if you want to organize a surprise birthday for children, or a team building event for your company, this is the perfect way.

If you want to enjoy a different afternoon, full of challenges, enigmas and a lot of adrenaline, do not hesitate. Book your session at the Tower of Babel!

Composición 'La torre de Babel'

Complete the quest

Do not succeed


Conundroom is an escape room in Barcelona of intermediate difficulty, which will hook you from the very first minute, making you enjoy every single second solving its puzzles.

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Conundroom 1: Avinguda Diagonal, 300, 08013 Barcelona
Conundroom 2: Carrer dels Enamorats, 39, 08013, Barcelona